workshops and classes: terms and conditions
statement of risk | photo and video release | cancellation policy

statement of risk

due to the nature of dansphere's online workshops and classes, particularly those that include technique classes or physical activity in the curriculum, it is highly recommended that participants have an open and level space of approximately 6 x 6 feet, in which to move.

movement sequences will be designed to be performed in conditions conducive to virtual learning. while participating in this virtual programming, please be certain that you have the appropriate physical space to assure your safety during any movement combinations. you may modify movements to safely fit the space you have and the needs of your body. 

ensure that you have room to do the following without obstruction (including furniture, other people, pets, or other objects in the space):

  • extend your arms and legs in all directions from a standing position and a prone position

  • locomote six (6) feet in all directions on a level surface

  • jump in place on a level surface.


photo and video release statement 

please be advised that for the duration of all workshops and classes, virtual sessions will be recorded via zoom. photos or videos taken from these recording will only be used in direct correlation with the dansphere organization -  either in print, on, or dansphere social media pages. 

in order to participate in dansphere's programming, the applicant (or the parent/ guardian of the applicant, if they are under the age of 18) must agree to the following:

  • the applicant (parent/ guardian) consents and provides permission for dansphere representatives and executives the right to take photographs and videos of them, in connection with the above- identified subject.

  • the applicant (parent/ guardian) authorizes dansphere and their faculty to copyright, use, and/or publish the content in print and/or electronically.

  • the applicant (parent/ guardian) agree that dansphere may use such photographs or videos of them without their name and/or for any lawful purpose, including (but not limited to) such purposes as publicity, illustration, advertising, and internet-based content.


cancellation policy

at dansphere, we understand that schedules and lifestyles shift unexpectedly. due to this, our cancellation policy for classes and workshops is as follows:

  • the applicant is expected to inform dansphere of their withdrawal from a class or workshop as soon as time allows - whether or not tuition has been paid. this allows dansphere to allocate the applicant's slot to someone on the waitlist.

  • if the applicant has paid their tuition or fee in full, and they withdraw from a class or program, a partial or full refund will be given, depending on the following:

    • if the withdrawal notice occurs more than 10 days before the class or workshop, a full refund will be issued.

    • if the withdrawal notice occurs less than 10 days before the class or workshop, a partial refund will be given. The refund will be determined by the number of days until the beginning of the class/ workshop that remain, multiplied by 10% (for example, if an applicant withdraws 3 days before their scheduled class, they will receive a 30% refund on their class fee.)

    • refunds will be processed by the founder(s) of dansphere, and can take 5 to 7 business days to be processed.

    • the founders of dansphere reserve the right to make exceptions to any of the above criteria in special circumstances, and may change this policy at any time.

dansphere email opt in 


all communication for workshops and classes will be sent via email. by signing up for any of dansphere's progamming, the applicant will be opted-in to all email correspondances from dansphere, particularly thoses related to the appropriates workshop/ class. if the applicant no longer wants to receive emails from dansphere, unsubscription is an option at any point. it is not advised to unsubscribe in the midst of a workshop - important information may not be received.