dansphere is an organization that provides holistic dance education to movement based artists


unlike the majority of conventional dance education, dansphere places equal emphasis on all aspects of life, allowing dance artists to reach their full potential while reducing the risk of burnout.


born from a love of dance movement, artistic expression, and the human experience, dansphere values the integration of: 

  • dance education

  • physical health

  • mental wellbeing

  • emotional fortitude

  • financial literacy

  • spiritual connectivity


our belief is that a life of harmony, longevity, and fulfillment will emerge when all aspects of a dancer are nurtured.

at dansphere, we are human first - opening the doors to a more well rounded understanding of what it truly means to be a dance artist!


workshops & classes

monday meditations with Dylis Croman

june 21st, 6pm to 6:30pm edt

join Dylis Croman as she leads a grounding meditative practice each month - take time to unwind and root yourself in the present moment. each month's practice will focus around a theme, to assist you on your journey to inner peace and mindfulness.


  • suited for anyone who wants to carve out time for themselves

  • all people of all ages welcome! 

  • suggested donation of $7.00 per practice

  • august through december 2021 dates coming soon!

the balanced body series with Kelly Angelucci

dance injuries | part one: saturday, august 28th at 10:30am edt

dance injuries | part two: saturday, september 11th at 10:30am edt

the key to a healthy relationship with your body begins with your mind - knowledge is power! Kelly Angelucci spearheads a quarterly webinar on the body, anatomy, and injury prevention and recovery. this series will address the relationship that dancers have with their bodies, and fostering a healthy mind body connection that will improve your overall health as a human being.


  • designed to educate about the human body through the lens of dance and performance

  • all dancers, parents and teachers are welcome - recommended for ages 13+ 

  • suggested donation of $10.00 per seminar

  • register now - click here!

the inner dancer workshop

2021 dates tbd - will be announced in september!

the inner dancer workshop is a three day mini-intensive that aims to revitalize your relationship with dance. as a particularly tough year for performing artists comes to a close, it is time to reignite the inspiration that may have gotten lost along the way. our world renowned faculty will work with you, and give you the tools to give your inner dancer a vibrant boost into 2021.


classes will be taught with a holistic methodology, designed specifically for a virtual learning platform. participants will be dancing and learning about various topics, including:


  • ballet and contemporary modern dance technique

  • the mind/ body connection, in and out of class

  • revisiting the positive emotions tied to dance

  • the relationship between dance, fear, and the unknown

  • redefining success

  • the dance artist’s role in the non-dance workplace

registration and tuition

  • no audition materials required!

  • must be 16+ to participate

  • enrollment is extremely limited - early registration is encouraged!

all application materials must be submitted through

* at dansphere, we aim to make our mission accessible to dancers from all walks of life. if you are in need of accommodations, please send an email to

the inner dancer - faculty*
* subject to change 
Dylis Croman
Lisa Gaidja Mailio
Krisha Marcano
Julia Mayo
Elizabeth Parkinson


questions? we would love to hear from you!
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